Long-Term Use of Mobile Phones Increase Risk of Suffering From Brain Cancer

Scientists have pointed out that long-term use of mobile phones can increase the risk of cancer. But the World Health Organization had conducted a 10-year study on the safety of mobile phones and concluded that mobile phone did not cause cancer because the relevant evidence is not sufficient to draw a conclusion. In order to find impact on human health from cell phone, they spent at least fifteen million pounds in the past ten years, but the authors of this paper had to admit that this effect requires further study in order to give the final conclusion.

Reports from World Health Organization would be released until this week later, but 2 national newspapers in the United Kingdom reported that invoked the scientific evidence use the phone less than thirty minutes per day at least ten years would increase the risk of suffering from brain cancer, Over the past ten years, they’ve been carried out this phone research in thirteen countries, which is regarded the largest study by far.

This could be a very important part of this specific study. Although we clearly that when we put the phone at the ear, radiation from cell phone is absorbed by the mind, but it’s not confirmed that more often use cell phones are hazardous to health, it may be due to the time of the widely use of mobile phones in public is not long. From two thousand to 2004, researchers conducted a study which 1.3 million people was participated to see the time they use the phone. Among them, some people suffer from cancer while some people are very healthy.

Brain Cancer Awareness

Some research has been published, which showed that people who used cell phone at least thirty minutes a day suffered from an increased risk of Glioma. The place where brain tumor lie is just the side they always put phone calls. Having said that, the study found another big question: short term use of mobile phones, in fact, helps prevent cancer. Even if the authors think this is unlikely. As the problem, they want more research to get a final conclusion and the investigation should firstly be launch among young people.

Although the Ministry of Health in British has not updated the relevant guidelines in the past four years, but the experts pointed out that adults should discourage small children playing phone chat, as for adult, try to answer the phone as shorter as possible. Other countries have also taken corresponding measures, such as encouraging people to use headphones to answer the phone or using text messaging instead of phone.